Thursday, December 19, 2013

Messy High Bun

Just snapped some pics of the messy high bun I've been wearing for the past few days. It looks so full surprisingly. I really like it.
Very quick post sent from my cell. Lol!

 On another note I am currently 19 weeks post  relaxer and my wash day last weekend went well.   It  was very brief. I shampooed my hair in 8 sections with Mane and Tail original shampoo.  I've had it a while but this was my first time using it and I really liked it. It  seemed to have really good slip. I was very pleased that I didn't have problems detangling in the shower.  I think increasing the number of sections from 4 to 8 helped as well t was really late so I skipped everything I would have normally done. I  did not pre-poo or DC... YIKES!!!  I was so tired, something had to give. I figured the water and moisturizer woukd leave me a little moisture.  I blow dried my hair pulled it up and tied a scarf around my edges. I didn't use any gel. Hair looks and feels fine so far despite skipping some essential pieces to my regimen. This stretch or transition (cant quite define it yet) is getting back on track.

On an additional note,  writing/ editing a blog post on your cell phone is very frustrating. This  keyboard has a mind if it's own, so please forgive the quality of this post. ha ha!

Well until the next post. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Still Here!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post since it seems I haven't done one in ages. I've just gotten busy with other things. I had my second CPA exam a few weeks ago while also in the process of buying my first home! :-)  So much stress and excitement all at one time! Now I am moving! Good bye apartment life! I shall not miss you, until something messes up at the house and I have to come out of my own pocket to fix it....I'm sure I'll be wishing I had a landlord right about then. LOL!

As for my current hair status, I'm going on 17.5 weeks post. Surprising right! I'm the girl that could barely stretch past 8 weeks once upon a time. I have actually been considering transitioning to natural instead of texlaxed, but this last wash day was not so great.  Up until that point everything was fine, but last weekend it was tangle city. It was such a nightmare. But I think I have myself to blame for that. I went two weeks without detangling my hair so I was asking for it. I haven't given up yet, but that just might change when  if I decide that I just don't have the patience for natural hair.  I do like how thick and curly my roots are and the idea of not having to maintain multiple textures periodically if I became fully natural.  Just letting my hair be.  We shall see where this leads to, but I've still got that ORS Relaxer on standby.

 I'm hoping to be back to blogging again soon.Well I'm off to do some more packing.

HHG and thanks for reading!
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