Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Wash Day Post in a Looooong While...(8 Months Post)

So this is my first wash day post since I don't even remember...some time last year.  I've not had a single post this year and it's almost 2015 *jaw dropping*.  This year has flown by so fast. Well for my hair's sake, I've got to get back to keeping up with what I'm doing with my hair and what is working.  I'm not where I had hoped to be in my journey, so maybe getting back to documenting what I'm doing will help.

I am currently around 8 months post relaxer.  For this wash day I decided to pull out my Curl Formers to help stretch my roots and give me nice smooth air dried curls.  I don't know why I have not used them since my very first post here, but Jeni's gorge results from her curl former dupes made me want to dust off these babies. I've yet to master any other form of curling my hair (i.e. flexi rods, roller sets, etc.) 

Here's how my wash day went:
1. Prepooed using Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The olive oil definitely helped as I did not care much for this conditioner the first time I tried it. I left this in under my heat cap for maybe 45 minutes.

2. Next I shampooed with Mane and Tail shampoo only once.

3. I had planned to DC but it was getting late, so to cut my wash day short I applied KeraPro Restorative conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes while I showered, then rinsed.

4. Finally I applied my leave ins. This time I used Jessi Curl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing conditioner and I tried the Jessi Curl Confident Coils Styling Solution hoping it would help with setting my curls.

5. I then installed the curl formers starting from the back and thoroughly detangling each section (which seemed to take much longer than my first time since I did not detangle then).

stretched roots at 8 months post

Sleeping in those things was, of course, a night mare. Ugh I kept moving throughout the night trying to find a comfortable position (which did not exist) and I woke with a sore neck. :( :( :(
The curls were cute though. I even made them last through day 3 using the pineapple method to preserve my curls. My first time trying this and it works like a charm, let me tell you!

Day 2 Curls

Day 3 Curls
I guess this wash did kind of remind me why as to why I've not used my curl formers in over a year. They're cute and all, but I prefer getting a good nights sleep for sure! Maybe next time I can do them early enough so that I don't have to sleep in them,  I do love how smooth the curls come out and the fact that I don't have to use any heat. Major plus!

How did your wash day go? Are you a curl former fan? What methods have you mastered at getting that gorgeous curly do?

B-T-Double-U - If you have a wash day post, be sure to share your experience via the Wash Day Experience link-up hosted by Saving Our Strands and Just Grow Already


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