My Regimen

Wash Days (Weekly)
1.Detangle hair and part into four section (sometimes use oil for detangling ease; all parts of wash are done in four sections)
2. Pre-poo with oil and/or conditioner (moisturizing or protein)
3. Shampoo
4a. Tea Rinse and apply smoothing conditioner after tea rinse and followup with deep conditioner under heat cap or steamer
4b. OR skip tea rinse and smoothing conditioner, DC under heat cap or steamer and followup with low pH conditioner (French Perm Stabilizer Plus) to smooth cuticles and correct hair porosity.
5. T-shirt dry for about 30 minutes then apply leave-ins
6. Rollerset or Air-dry(rare)

*Clarify once every four weeks with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.
*Protein treatment as needed.

Daily Regimen
Moisturize and seal with oil once daily
Moisture nape twice daily massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Seal (morning and night)
Wrap hair with silk scarf at night and cover with satin bonet

**I'm still working on perfecting my regimen and will be updating as changes are made.**

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