Friday, October 26, 2012

Today Is Wash Day (Friday, Oct. 26, 2012)

So today is wash day for me.  Still in the process.  I have pre-pooed, shampood, etc. etc., next is deep conditioning.  I will actually get more into detail once I've completed my currently 2 day plan to get my hair together. I'm going to leave my deep conditioner in overnight because I want to do a roller set (fingers crossed) in the A.M.  I have two weddings to attend tomorrow so this is why I am making it a two day process.

Thought I would start out by sharing my plans for my new hair journey, as far as the changes that I want to make to my "regimen".  That's so weird to say because I never realized I had one. Here are some things I currently plan to or already have added to my hair care regimen:

    Taken Oct. 19; two days before my b-day on Oct. 21 :)
  1. Deep Conditioning - this is a must to keep moisture in my hair.  When I was getting my hair done at the salon every two weeks I was not getting this.  This was only done when I received a relaxer.  I guess I was supposed to ask (but she knew I wanted my length back.  I would have thought she'd have suggested it.  I used to do this on and off when I cared for my own hair.  Now I plan to do this on a regular basis.  I may even try co-washing (washing with conditioner only).
  2. Protein Treatments - During my healthy hair research I have come across a lot of sites, posts, and articles emphasizing the importance of keeping the proper moisture/protein balance for your hair.  I had never known or even considered how important this is to hair health.  I even just realized recently that I had occasionally done a few protein treatments in the past.  I had once gotten into a routine of using Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonaise once a week.  Sometimes it made my hair feel kind of hard and after my research now I know why. LOL!  Too much protein.  I am trying to learn to read my hair and know when it needs more protein and when it needs more moisture.
  3. Tex-laxing - This is when you relax the hair without completely processing it, leaving some texture.  I had always wondered if my hair had not been fully processed when Mrs. Winbush was doing my relaxers in high school.  I would always notice that when it was wet it would curl up which made me wonder if it was stronger because it was not completely processed.  After I went off to college I started going to different salons and I notice that my hair no longer curls up the way it used to.  I think beginning this process will help my hair to be stronger and thicker.
  4. Relaxer Stretching - I have read about this on a lot of different blogs and online articles as well.  I am definitely guilty of scheduling that relaxer when I feel the slightest amount of kinkiness in my new growth.  I cannot stand and feel like I cannot even touch my hair with a comb. Ugh! But it is definely best to stretch the time between relaxers because you dont want any overlapping of relaxer onto your previously relaxed hair.  This can cause overprocessing and breakage and BREAKAGE is what I want to AVOID big time!!!  No more of that.   For now I'm hoping I can go 10 weeks.  Maybe eventually I will work my way up to 12 or 14.  I am currently going on 6 weeks.  I would have had my appointment scheduled by now. Ha ha!  I also plan to self relax as well. 
Well, this is the plan.  I am hoping this will all lead to positive things for my hair.  I am still experiencing some breakage and shedding here and there, but I think it's getting better.  I am definitely still learning and figuring out what will work for me. My goal at the moment is Bra Strap Length (BSL).  Not sure how long this will take me.  Hopefully I will get my official first wash day post up tomorrow or Sunday.  I also want to get some pics up soon of where my hair used to be and where it is currently.  Here are some I took about a week ago to see where my length is right now.  The pic on the bottom shows my damaged nap.  :(

Hair looking a lot healthier. Started my new changes in Sept.
My last trim was after my relaxer in August. This pic was taken 10/19/12

My damaged nape :(
Plan to apply a lot of TLC here

I am so excited about this new journey.  I hope I can inspire anyone just as others have inspired me.  It can be done!


Andrea :)

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