Saturday, February 2, 2013

Checking In - Random

Where have I been?  I haven't done a post in a few weeks it seems.  Just been a little busy and stressed, but back to it I go.  I have to update everything I've doing since, if I can even remember. 

Relaxer Touch Up
Well, I ended up doing a relaxer at a little past 6 weeks post (Jan 16, 2013). I know its soon but since my previously relaxed hair is not completely processed I shouldnt need to worry about any damage.  I used the half and half method as in my previous posts.  I just couldnt hold on any longer.  I have not got this relaxer stretching thing down and especially since I'm using a mild relaxer it seems like my hair does not stay straight for very long.  I want the benefits of texlaxing (thicker, stronger hair) but at the same time I want straight, smooth hair without having to use direct heat.  I usually like to just wash, wrap, and go.  But with my roots still having some texture to it, my wraps are not working out too well.  I guess what I want is juuuust barely texlaxed.  I may not be getting that down yet.  Since I'm using a mild lye relaxer I think I may switch to a regular strenght lye relaxer to see how that works for me.  I am eyeing the Organic Root Stimulator Lye Relaxer in regular strenght, but i think I will finish off my Elasta QP first.  Also, I'm going to try to make more time to start practing my rollersets.  No length check.  Think I'm going to wait until March for that. Oh I also wanted to mention an article I read  about switching between mild and stronger relaxers,  I need to try finding it again,  It might be a good option for someone like me who can't handle the long stretch between relaxers.  The longest I've done is 8 wks.  I may have more to come on this.

I have also had a couple wash days and a cowash day in between.  Actually, I cowashed a couple days after my relaxer, wrapped my hair, and flat ironed my roots the next morning because I had planned to get a trim at Super Cuts.  My friend told me she didn't think I needed it.  My hair and ends did feel really smooth so I ended up not getting the trim.

I don't know if I'm just crazy, but I think I'm starting to notice less breakage. Most of the hairs from my head have been shed.  I have been checking for bulbs like crazy, trust me!  I truly am hair obsessed. LOL! I must be getting my moisture/protein balance down.  I try to incorporate light protein treatments and ceramides into my regimen and occassionally I'll do a medium protein treatment using ORS Hair Moyannaise.  Been sealing a lot with grapeseed oil (which contains ceramides) and a new oil I got from a friend called It's A 10 Miracle Oil plus Keratin.  He works in the warehouse where they manufacture hair products and he sometimes gets freebees! I've gotten a few goodies from him! :)  Will have to start doing some reviews.  I'm hoping having completely texlaxed hair will add to this reduction in breakage.  My nape seems to be getting in better shape as well.  I want to wait a while before posting pics of my nape.  It is growing I can say that much.

Currently Reading
Jeni at did a give away of the The Five Hair Archetypes by Sharifa Barnett (aka Ms. Kibibi).  I had entered, but could even wait and went ahead and purchased the eReader copy on my Nook. Can't wait to finish.

Wish List
Been doing some research with the hopes of purchasing a hirer end ceramic flat iron.  I've also been thinking about investing in a wig or getting a weave.  Ever since I was little, silly me, I always thought people wore wigs and weaves to hide their short hair.  I didnt want to be a "perpetrator" I wanted my real hair to be long so I could show it off.  Now I realize that a big benefit of wigs/weaves is to protect your hair (depending on the type of weave you get).  This is an excellent option for the cold winter months.  I also want a really good quality hair dryer for when I start doing my rollersetes.

Other Things
I have recently become a member of the Long Hair Care Forum.  I am new at it and still trying to figure out my way around.  My username is Andrea2012 if anyone's a member and might want to add me.

More Randomness
We got snow this morning!  I live in Tennessee and this is the first snow I've seen all winter here! :)
It has atopped now and is already starting to melt a little. Ah well....

Does anyone have any new and exciting revelations about their HHJ? Please share! :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. first of all, i like your new header- its so cute with the dots :)

    I'm glad that you didnt get a trim, because your ends looks very fine to me from your dec. lenght check photo.

    i think is possible to get straight hair while texlaxing. maybe you could try to blow dry on cool heat using the tension method.
    I'm not texlaxing anymore (done my corrective relaxer in january and am back to relaxing straight) but the tension method give me great results regardless of whether relaxed or texlaxed- maybe it will work for you too

    and you know what? i just purchased the con intensive conditioning treatment. i couldnt wait no i think this pj in me will get me broke, soon

  2. Thanks, Bebe! I'm still trying to learn how to design my blog. lol. I'm kind of glad I didnt get that trim either. It probably would have been too soon.

    I have tried the tension method, but it doesnt seem to last as long, but that may be what I end up doing. Jeni suggested I try roller setting and flat ironing my roots. I may work my way up to this.

    I need to find that conditioner again. They had it in the little packet's at Sally's and when I went back for more I could not find them. I reeeeaallly liked it. I'm trying to curb that pj in me too. I told myself I wasnt buying anything else until I use up what I have. Think I went a lil overboard at the begining of my HHJ. lol


Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. :)

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