Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kibibi Hair Post/Video (A Must See)

You guys, I just watched this video and I had to repost this in case some of you do not follow Miss Kibibi's blog  This video is amazing.  I almost drooled watching it.  I hope to be there soon.  All I can say is wow! I wish I could find a stylist in my area to trust with my hair and is as passionate about hair health as Reniece. 

Yall just click on the link and see what I'm talking about! lol!

It's amazing what we can achieve.  With the right method and proper care, black hair CAN grow!  There is no such thing as "good hair".  When my hair was longer people used to tell me that I had good hair but I thought "what does that even mean?"  I thought I just had regular hair and it wasn't always long either.  Before it did grow, I actually believed that it wouldn't or couldn't.  Everyone's hair is different and everyone's hair grows! You just have to take care of it properly to prevent damage and retain length.  There are so many black women out their who just really believe it's impossible but it's truly not and this video shows it.  The before and after results for all of these women are amazing.  Some went from extreme damage to breathtakingly gorgeous locks.  Just amazing!  Yall check it out, of already made some notes of my own. Ha ha!

I just thought I would share.
Thanks for reading.  :)



  1. Is miss kibbi relaxed? I thought she went natural after reaching mbl with her hair being relaxed...
    I'm confused know because on her Blog she mentioned in her regimen her relaxer shedule.

    Of course her hair is very beautiful anyways and she is an great Inspiration.

    1. Ahh my fault i was mistaken miss kibibi for

    2. oh yeah reniece is natural. I believe miss kibibi is tex-laxed.


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