Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Relaxer Update/L4LPSC Update

So I relaxed this past Saturday after a little over 6 weeks.  I know I soon right.  Well I have been texlaxing so I wasn't worried to much about over-processing any previously relaxed hair.  The main reason was because I wanted my hair to be decent and manageable for my visit to to see my family next week.  I think I may have been able to go a little longer now that I've got my new ponytail roller set routine going.  My hair has been a lot easier to deal with since starting that and I've been finger combing a lot more as well.  Next stretch, I'm hoping to go 8 weeks.  Now on to the deets...

I switched from my mild relaxer to the ORS regular strength relaxer.  I mentioned that I was planning to switch this up a while back.  My synopsis is that ORS regular strength is similar to the mild relaxer I had been using, as far as the texture left to my hair.  I went over the 10 minutes per each half of my hair that I meant.  It may have been more like 15 or so but I still had some texture.  I think this should be labeled as a mild relaxer.  So I used the half and half method as I have previously.  This time I did my halves vertically instead of horizontal.  Once I rinsed the relaxer I did my protein step and neutralized using ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo.  After neutralizing I applied French Perm Stabilizer Plus to my hair (worked into a lather and let it sit for 1 minute).  This is a low pH (2.5) conditioner that helps return the hair to its normal acid balance after relaxing.  I will have to do a review on this to give a lil more detail.

Please excuse the mess in the background
  After rinsing the French Perm Stabilizer and the applied Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner and sat under my steamer for about 30 minutes.  After I finished DCing I wanted to let my hair cool off before rinsing a laid down to watch a little TV.  Well I was doing my hair kind of late so I actually fell asleep with the condish in my hair for a few hours. LOL!

After rinsing out my deep conditioner I applied my leave-ins (DB Daily Leave In Conditioner - Sweet Creme and PMSS Serum).  Finally I was able to pull of a wrap! Haven't been able to do that in a while.  I missed my wraps.  I tied on my silk scarf and let my hair air dry overnight.  The next day I flat ironed my roots because I had planned to go get a trim, but didn't quite make it that far.  Here were the results:

without flash; wearing my length check tee from JGA

with flash; I hate how thin my ends look; texlaxing should nip
this in the bud in time
L4LPSC Update
After mentioning the flat ironing, I think I am officially DQ'd from the L4LPSC.  I also used the flat iron at my last relaxer on Jan. 16. :-(  But those were the only two times.  I've been doing pretty well with the protective styling, though not creative.  I didn't even think about it until just now.  Oh well, I think I'm doing okay for a struggling newbie.  I will have to do better though.  Well, until next time. :]

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  1. Mhm...your ends does not look thin in my opinion. Your hair still looks great !
    So, do you like the ors relaxer more than your previous one?

    1. Thanks, Bebe! I think I like the ORS more, but I'm wanting to see how much reversion I get on my first wash after my relaxer. That's when it seems to get more difficult to manage my hair. I don't want too much texture left and with the Mild Elasta QP I seemed to have much more texture after that first wash. I will try to have an update on my next wash day.

  2. Your ends look fine! Don't give yourself such a hard time!

    1. Thanks, KLP. I just wish they were thick enough to where I can't see through them. My nape has been an area of issue as well, but I think I'm making some progress.

  3. I agree with the ladies....girl if you wanna see some bad ends have a look at mine in 2011! I'm looking forward to your review of the French Perm Stabilizer shampoo. Great update and just stay away from the heat for the rest of the challenge! :)

    1. Thanks, Ebony! I'm hiding the flatiron now. lol


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