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Relaxer Touch-up [Texlax attempt] - November 9, 2012

So I kinda caved.  I was only about 8 weeks post and decided to go ahead and self relax this passed Friday, for good reason I hope.  I might need my hair to look decent this week. LOL! So I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way.  AND this is my first attempt at texlaxing.  Well 8 weeks ago i bought a no-lye kids perm, trying to go for something easier on my tresses, but I let a stylist put it in.  I've decided though that I want to try a lye relaxer instead as I have read that it is easier on your hair.  I'll go into my steps below.

I decided to go with Elast QP No Base(Lye) Creme Relaxer in Mild.  I thought this would be best since I have very fine strands.{Wishing my hair was MUCH thicker, hoping texlaxing will change that}.  Anywho So I used this and purchased their Ultrahydration anti-breakage moisture-rich neutralzing shampoo as well (not so sure about the moisture rich part).  I used the half and half method done by the creator of one of my favorite blogs  She is my "hair-ro".  Play on words, yep I'm corny.  Anywho, she's has done an amazing job and has given me a lot of motivation with my hair journey.

I won't say I was successful in replicating the process, and it was kind of difficult especially being my first time self-relaxing in a long time.  So, I first parted my hair into four sections.  Used Roux Porosity control conditioner on my previously relaxled hair to close pores and protect from relaxer run off.  Then I parted each section into 1 inch sections basing my scalp with vaseline between each.  I twisted each 1 inch section also to keep them separated so it would be easier to go back and apply the relaxer to my new growth.  I covered the front half of my head with a platic cap using duck-bill clips to hold in place.  Next I applied the relaxer to the back half using my Sprush that I won from the Just Grow Already Sprush Give Away.  I was so excited to use this (I NEVER win anything so I was shocked).  I started toward the center of my head and worked my way back doing my back edges last.  I went through and smoothed each section with my fingers unding the twists as I went.  Jumped in the shower and rinsed used Aphogee 2 Minute Recontructor for my protein treatment for 2 minutes. I rinsed that out and then shamppoed with the neutralizing shampoo (several times as I kept seeing pink; couldnt keep count).  I did the front half the same way. I then deep conditioned under my steamer for 30 minutes (turned backwards for 15 minutes to get my nape).

After rinsing my deep conditioner, I applied Darcy's Botanicals daily leave-in conditioner (Sweet Cream fragrance) love the smell of it.  Then I used Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to seal.  I wrapped my hair and let it air dry overnight.  I wasnt sure if this was a succesful tex-lax (I should have timed it by the way) not sure how much texture i want to leave or should have left, but I'll work it out eventually.  I ended up flat ironing my roots because I wanted to get a trim.  I hadnt had one since August (Shame on me!!!).  I hate those scissors.  LOL!  My hair looks a bit thin in the middle from what I believe is due to damage from poorly neutralizing my nape when I was going to a stylist.  I kept thinking it was something I was doing, but I'm pretty sure now that I really look at it and think about it and after all my research that it wasn't all me.  Makes me sad everytiime I look but hopefully it'll get better soon.  I'm so impatient!  I got my trim done at Super Cuts.  She did a great job,  Wish I could do it myself, but let's just do one thing at a time. I guess I could put some pics {I'm embarassed :( }.

this was before my trim.  My hair is so thin toward
the center.  I try my best to hide it. :(

This is after my Super Cuts trim; I felt like
my hair appeared thicker.  Still tryin to hide how
thin it looks. This will change soon I hope.
 I never did post my wash day from last week.  I got a little lazy, but will try to stay on top of this.  I need to document everything(the good and the bad including pics) I am doing so I can learn and make progress.   Still getting used to this blog thing.  Well, I need to get busy so until next time.

Andrea :)

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