Friday, November 16, 2012

Wash Day - Nov. 16, 2012 (Part 1)

I am tryign to keep up with these wash days.  I need to be a little more consistent as I keep changing things like the products I'm using and the order in which I use them.  So today I started off by prepooing with ORS Deep Penetrating Conditioner with a little Roux Porosity control mixed in.  After rinsing I shampooed with two differnt Motions brand products.  For the first lather I used Marula Natural Therapy Strengthening Shampoo.  I've had this for a while and am trying to finish off the bottle.  I actually dont really have any complaints about this shampoo, I would buy it again definitely.  The second lather I used Motions Naturally You Mosturizing Cleanser. What I did not realize was that it does contain sulfates and so it made my hair feel kind of dry after I rinsed.  I assumed that I would get opposite results since it is a moisturizing cleanser supposedly.  oh well.  After rinsing I did a Black Tea rinse (said to reduce shedding) then after rinsing with water I used Paul Mitchel Supper Skinny Daily Treatment conditioner to smooth my hair because it was really dry and hard after the black tea.

Currently I am deep conditioning with a new conditioner that I decided to try.  I think I am switching up too much, which may not help me to figure out what works for me.  I am not being consistent.  I need to get that together.  Anyway I purchased Mizani's Moisture Fuze conditioner.  It says to leave in for 5 minutes, but I am going to leave it in overnight.  I dont like how thick it is and it was hard detangling with this in my hair.  Let's see if it gets my hair soft.   Part 2 should come tomorrow.  I am planning on attempting to roller set again as well.  I realized some things I've been doing wrong with that and I plan to get under my dryer this time. LOL!!! 

The next question is.....clear rinse...or no clear rinse???  I didnt like the results last time, but I will say I was doing TOO much to my hair that day.  Anywho....

to be continued....

Andrea :)

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