Monday, February 29, 2016

Battle of the Detangler Brushes

I was originally only going to do a comparisons of the Tangle Wrangler Brush versus the Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush but then I remembered the Michel Mercier brush that I purchased maybe some time last year and decided to share my thoughts on it as well. Although, you may already know what I think of the Michel Mercier brush, given that I forgot I even had it. LOL

Michel Mercier Detangler Brush

Price - $14.99
I purchased this brush from Walgreens. I think it was an As Seen On TV product. I was skeptical about it at first and hesitated to purchase it, but I gave in. It puts me in the mind of the Tangle Teezer that everyone raved about at one point because of the multiple bristle lengths.  The first time I used this brush I was not very happy with it. It was not the magic detangler that I thought it would be, but I did try to use it on my hair while lathered with shampoo; something I definitely don't do anymore unless it's a good detangling shampoo.  When I revisited I used this brush on conditioned hair. It was not as bad but I need to brush in much smaller sections for fear of causing breakage.  This was my least favorite of the three. I was also put off by one of their ads that I found on YouTube. I'll let you see for yourself if you take a look at the video.

The Tangle Wrangler vs. Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Tangler Wrangler:
Price - $4.99 at Tractor Supply Co.
           $0. 95 plus $4.74 shipping on
You guys may have seen this little brush floating around the internet. I did purchase this brush at my local Tractor Supply Store for $4.99 plus tax. This brush is used for grooming horses. Yes, it's a brush for horses!

Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush:
Price -  $16.00 plus ~$7.00 shipping
I actually received this brush in a CurlBox Dope Deal that I purchased a few months ago for $25.00. The deal included this brush and 3 other full size products.  I had been eyeing this brush but didn't want to pay the regular price plus the shipping which I believe was about $7.00; so I took advantage of the opportunity to try it for much cheaper with this CurlBox deal.

If you take a look at the image you can see that the Tangle Wrangler and the Felicia Leatherwood brush have a similar design. They are somewhat like mini combs with spaces in between. The idea is that the rows bend and snap back when there is a tangle. Both are said to be gentle and easy to use on your hair.

I actually purchased the Tangle Wrangler before I got the F.L. brush.  I was watching a rod set tutorial on YouTube and saw the brush that the vlogger used. When I asked she told me that she had purchased it at some time ago. It was no longer in stock, but I was able to find it at my local Tractor Supply Co.  I really like the Tangle Wrangler. I think it does as promised. It is flexible and very gentle on my hair. I used it on my conditioner saturated hair and I was in love at first use.

The Felicia Leatherwood also works well for my hair.  I do like that it has two more rows or "mini combs"(9 rows) as compared to the Tangle Wrangler (7 rows). I feel like I can detangle in larger sections because of this. I will say that the original design of the F.L. brush looked exactly like the Tangle Wrangler, but she has made some improvements to the design including the wider brush handle.  The F.L. brush is actually a harder plastic than the Tangle Wrangler so not as flexible, which defeats the purpose of the design of the mini combs with spaces in my opinion, but I still like the brush nonetheless.

And the winner is.....

The Tangle Wrangler is the best of the three in my opinion. My mom likes it too. It is gentle, effective, and affordable.  The Felicia Leatherwood detangler brush is also effective, but it is not very flexible as you would think and it is highly over-priced in my opinion.  If you have been wanting to try this brush but don't want to pay the high price, I don't think you would be disappointed with the Tangle Wrangler brush.  I do use the F.L. brush more often only because I feel I'm able to detangle faster with this brush, but once it's on it's last leg I don't think I would repurchase at the regular price.

Have you tried any of these brush or have another favorite for detangling? Please share in the comments! :)

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Nice comparison. I only use wide tooth combs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Nerline. For some reason I have a hard time using only a wide tooth comb on my transitioning hair. I usually use them only when my hair is straightened. I feel more thoroughly detangled when I use a brush.

  3. I only use wide comb tooth comb on my wash day, I wanted to try brushes but fear keeps me away from the experience.

    1. I know what you mean. I didn't own a brush until I started transitioning. The F.L. and T.W. are actually kind of like several mini comes to me working together to get rid of the tangles.

  4. I cringe at the thought of using brushes because of breakage but it works well for you which is awesome.

  5. This is an awesome comparison! I'd never heard of the F.L or the T.W. brushes! I'm all about finger detangling so I stay far far away from brushes lol.

    KLP @

  6. I'll definitely look into a detangler brush! You have such beautiful hair!


  7. hiya, I hope all is well with you. I come by periodically to check on you and to see if you have blogged. Love to you and your family xxx

    1. Hi Peechy! Thanks for checking in on me. I'm doing well. I've just let my blog fall to the wayside again. I had some posts planned but haven't gotten around to them yet. But I'm going to try to get back up to speed soon. Just need to make more time for it. I hope all is well in your world. I'm going to head over to your blog now and get caught up. :)

    2. Awwww it gets like that sometimes. I'm glad you are well and will keep an eye out for your next post (no pressure lol) Thanks for catching up and love on my blog xxx


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