Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm In the L4L Protective Styling Challenge

L4L protective styling challenge

After a bit of consideration I have decided to go ahead and join Ebony C Princess's L4L Protective Styling Challenge.  My fear was that I've just started my HHJ and am a newbie at this.  I have no idea what I am going to do to my hair and have no protective styling ideas, AND I'm still not the biggest fan of protective styling.  However, now is a better time than any to start protecting my hair not only because of the harsh cold winter elements, etc. etc., but also because I am a newbie and I just need to be doing this! Ha!

Here's how to enter:
(1) Post your starting photo for the challenge on your blog and link on the first post of the challenge (which will be titled sign-up).
(2)  Have either the L4L Button (found at the bottom of this site) and/or the official Protective Styling Badge posted to your blog.
(3) Update monthly on your blog and link up here on the official update posts.
(4) Post a final length/progress comparison to your blog at the conclusion of the challenge and link up here on L4L within a week of the end of the challenge.

Click on the link above (the L4LPSC button) to see the official details for the challenge..

My most recent wash day was on Thursday.  I am at about 6 weeks post.  I blow dried my hair on a cooler temp setting and tried my best to get my roots as straight as possible to take my starting pic. Blow drying took FOREVER. lol.  I used my length check tee that I purchased from to mark my starting point.  It may not be very accurate as my roots are not 100% straight.  I also know I'll be needing a trim at my next touch up so I hope this doesn't set me back some in the challenge.  Anywho, here's my starting photo.

Here's what I was working with as far as my roots.  There is some new growth and some tex-laxed going on here. My hair is still damp in this photo.  I'm not quite sure where the texlaxed texture starts. I'm guessing maybe a half inch or so of new growth. No idea....

I'm kind of excited about this challenge.  I thinks it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm really interested to see what kind of styles I can come up with.  I'm going to try and force myself to be a little more creative. Here goes nothing!

Is anyone else doing the L4L Protective Styling Challenge?



Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. :)

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