Friday, December 14, 2012

New Purchases

So I've made some more purchases to incorporate into my HHJ.  I am so excited, I cannot wait until everything arrives! Super Cheesin!!! First off, I purchased 3 Jars of Kera Pro Restorative Treatment at Sally's last weekend (regularly $10.99, on sale for $5.00 each).  I am so glad I checked with the sales associate because there was no sale sign up and she said it wasn't in their sale paper, but sure enough she did a price check and there it was. Yay!  I had also ordered some more Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transition Creme, but it hasnt arrived yet.  This was a Black Friday purchase.

Today I purchased a few items on Amazon as well. I am going to go broke fooling with my hair, but I am healthy hair obssessed!  I finally ordered a heating cap to do my prepoos and deep conditioning.  Currently I use a hooded hair dryer sitting on my ironing board so I can adjust the height.  I feel like I can't do anything sitting in this chair oddly placed in my room.  Now I can prepoo laying down, I can watch TV without the noisy dryer.  So glad to make this purchase.  I got the Mastex heat cap.  It had really good reviews and the price was reasonable. I'll probably look ridiculous in it, but hey as long as my hair is happy I am fine!

I also purchased grape seed oil and hemp seed oil to try on my hair.  I really like coconut oil, but it does seem to weigh my hair down.  I've read that grapeseed oil is fairly light it sinks into the hair.  And I've started to look into the ceremide benefits and these oils are packed with those so I'm giving it a try.

Finally I decided to purchase a humidifier to use during the winter.  I saw Jeni's post on JGA on Winterizing your hair regimen and having a humidifier is beneficial because it keeps moisture in the air preventing your hair from drying out from the cold dry air during the winter.

I can't wait until my orders come in.  I think my humidifier is estimated to get here Monday. I am so excited about this journey.  I feel like I'm moving in a positive direction.  The only thing I'm mainly concerned about is determining how much shedding/breakage is too much.  I am very paranoid and always have been about that.  I'll figure it out. 

Right now I'm in the middle of my wash day, so I am planning to post everything by tomorrow.  Off to rinse my prepoo.

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