Saturday, December 8, 2012

Relaxer Touchup - 4 weeks post

Okay okay, so I know this looks bad.  I ended up doing my relaxer on Monday, Dec. 3 instead of this Friday.  I actually had an interview to be scheduled and I REALLY wanted my hair to look decent.  So four weeks seems too soon, but if anyone saw my previous posts, my last relaxer seems to be nonexistent.  It felt like I hadn't had a relaxer in a couple of months let alone 4 weeks.  About an inch or more of my roots felt like a little mini fro under my relaxed hair (that's an inch with my roots tightly drawn up) and blow drying it was a nightmare!  That being said, I am much happier with my results this time as I made a few changes.

I used Elasta QP Lye Relaxer again.  Mild of course.  I did the half and half method on my hair again (very difficult).  I hope I can get used to it at some point.  I also used my timer on my phone to make sure I left it in long enough but not too long.  It took about 10 to 15 min on each half.[set my timer for 10 but went over a little].  Did all the same things I did in my previous entry accept I did use the comb to smooth the hair this time.  I think this helped a lot.  I also got a little lazy and didn't do the twisted sections in the back half.  I just kind of parted and applied.  Was in a rush.  Final exams were this week and I had studying to do on top of interview prep.  Whew! LOL!

Another thing I did was I started on the opposite side from what I did the last time.  I started with my back section, but since last time I started on the right back section this time I started on the left.  Same switch up on the front half as well.  That way the one section isn't "more relaxed" than the other.  The side you always start on is the one that has the relaxer on it the longest so it's best to switch it up.  Relaxed the back inch or so of my nape and my front edges last.  Going easy on my weak spots.  Hopefully someday I can say the "weak spots" are nonexistent.  I noticed a slight waving on the sides that were relaxed last. But still pretty straight.  Did my protein treatment with Aphogee 2 Min after rinsing out relaxer.  Once the conditioner was rinsed out I neutralized [multiple times I may add.  I want to make sure I get it all out!]   I deep conditioned with one of my FAVE conditioners (which I hear is on sale at Sally's this week; got to stock up!!!) under my steamer for 30 minutes.  Kera PRO Restorative this stuff!!


After rinsing out my conditioner I applied my leave-ins and then wrapped my hair.  I used two mesh hair raps and then covered with my satin hair wrap [which I have been doubling up as a scarf...ha ha! Its better on my hair than using a cotton scarf which could cause breakage. It still keeps me warm. :)]


Please ignore the rest of the mess on my dresser. lol

Pictured above is Organix Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum and Darcy's Botanical Daily Leave In Conditioner Sweet Cream sent.  My hair smells soooooo good with this stuff.  My hair was soft, fluffy and STRAIGHT the next morning! Hallelujah! LOL!  I think the mild relaxer is very easy on my hair so I think over time I will notice more strength and possibly more thickness hopefully.  I have always hated how thin my hair is so I'm hoping this will help.  I don't know if it's still considered texlaxed, but one of the methods to get texlaxed hair is said to be using a mild maybe so.  It all just depends on how much texture you want.  I don't want completely bone straight but I don't want a lot of texture either.  I think I will keep this method consistent for my relaxers and hopefully see some amazing results.  I may be doing a wash day tomorrow just because I want to keep it up on the weekends like normal, but I don't want to wait all the way to next weekend to wash my hair. I love clean fresh hair.  This was an off week, but I'll be back to normal and try to keep up with my wash day posts so I can keep track of what's working and what's not. Anywho, here are pics of my results.  I was much happier this time.

Anyway, just saw Jeni's post on Just Grow Already about winterizing your hair.  I think I'd like to invest in a humidifier and planning on continuing to moisturize and seal as often as possible.  I am loving coconut oil right now on my hair. Oh she also had a great post where she experimented with different oils in a jar of water.  It really showed how important oils are to sealing in moisture.  I never realized this before, but it really makes since.  Trying this out on my skin as well.  Lotion followed by a light body oil to keep my skin nice and soft. I always notice in the winter even after I put on my lotion my skin will be right back feeling dry.  Now I'm just rambling.  Well I will make sure i update my washday post for tomorrow. I should probably get to bed.  Until next time....


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