Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So I Have Noticed

1.  That coconut oil has been making my hair feel so soft and smooth (but my hair does look thinner when it is oily as you can see from some of my picks; the strands stick together); remembering that it's good for me

2.  My most recently relaxed hair is straighter but does appear to have some texture.  Texlaxed maybe...I think so. Which means stronger thicker hair for me.  I cant wait for it to grow out.  I think this is the perfect amount of texture for my hair.

3.  My wrap comes out a LOT smoother when I sit under the hair dryer.  If I let it air dry, it is not as smooth (even though it's been tied down).

4.  I think my nape and front edges are getting longer.  I want to give it some time before I take anymore picks.  I try to keep moisurizing and sealing every night especially my nape and front edges of my hair.  Sometimes I'll just find myself grabbing my Darcy's Transition Creme and rubbing it in whenever throughout the day.  This is a REALLY BIG goal of mine.  To get my nape in tip top shape.  I was told it would not grow and aim to prove this wrong.

Just a few tidbits of info that I thought I'd jot down.  Still learning my hair and its wants and needs.  I feel like there's more to add, but can't think at the moment.

On a side note....I did a cowash last night.  I guess it's a cowash since I used the Wen cleansing conditioner.  Purchased it for my mom to try out, but she didnt like it too much.  I guess its okay.  I followed the directions and then applied my leave-ins, wrapped and air-dried overnight.  My hair was full but not as smooth as if I'd sat under the dryer.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't great.  I'll have to try it another time.   Alrighty I think I'll hit the pillow.

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