Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wash Day - 12/20/2012

So I just recently had a wash day and am posting late. I kind of like to do my wash day on Thursday so my hair is fresh for the weekend or if something is going on Friday night. ha ha! 

All my goodies came in earlier this week so I started out prepooing for about 30 minutes with grapeseed oil and my new conditiong cap! yay! So excited about this, i hate sitting under my hair dryer.

After prepooing I shampooed with Brocato Splassh sulfate free shampoo.  I put in Roux Porosith control for 30 seconds then rinsed and then did my black tea rinse.  This time I only used one tea bag and try to cool the temp before pooring onto my hair.  My hair did not feel "as" hard, not sure if it was the temp or amount of tea.  Most likely the temp is my opinion.

After rinsing I used my Ion Solutions Smoothing Conditioner with Keratin to soften my hair.  I left it on for about a minute and then rinsed.

Next I deep conditioned with my Kera Pro Restorative Treatment also under my heating cap for about 45 minutes.  Did feel like getting out my steamer.  Will use it my next wash.

Finally I rinsed my DC, applied Darcy's Leave In Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and wrapped my hair.  I sat under the hair dryer for maybe 45 minutes to get smooth results. I mainly wanted to get about 80% dry and let the rest air dry overnight. It was a long Thursday night! LOL!  My hair was very soft and smooth the next morning. 

People always ask me if I flat iron after I've wrapped my hair, but I don't.  My hair usually gets pretty smooth from just the wrap.  I am worried that since I'm using a mild relaxer now, and my hair is not so bone straight, that I won't be able to get these kind of results anymore.  My hair is feeling pretty wavy where I have most recently begun self relaxing....not kinky, but pretty wavy.  It feels soft and thick.  I'll have to take a pic.

Here are some next day pics. You can see how thin my hair is in the second pic. Not sure if I should just go ahead and get a trim CUT....  :o(

Is anyone else out there having thin hair woes???

P.S. I've also made another new purchases.  Looked at this a few weeks ago and couldnt help myself. I purchased Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer.  The carob seed oil in this product is supposed to bind split ends, reducing split ends by 93.3%.  The reviews looked good so I gave in....true product junky huh?

Has anywone else tried this? How did you like it?

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  1. What a coincidental hair is prepooing as I type this comment and my black tea steeping!!!#greatminds lol will be shampooing and rinsing in a few hours then a DC. From the looks of what i see in that photo i think a dust not a trim may be in order??? I am a reformed product junkie i was so bad i had box or two in my closet with my stash some product were only ever used once nowadays if something works for me i stick to it. I only try out sample size products if available these days and if it works for me only then do i buy it.

  2. Great minds! So true! lol! I may until my next touch up to dust my ends. My hair has always been so thin, but i think it looks more so because my nape has been damaged. Working on getting that together. And yeah I'm a real product junky. I saw some good reviews on the split end sealer so maybe I can avoid having to dust as often I hope. I have been bad though, i ended up giving a lot of stuff I wasnt using to my mom. Didnt want to throw them away. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by! :)


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