Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shame on Me

I haven't been keeping up with my Wash Days.  My most recent wash day was this Thursday.  The weekend before I washed on Saturday but followed up on Sunday by deep conditioning.  I thought I had used too much of the Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Reconstructurizer in my hair before I wrapped it.  When I took it down overnight it kind of stuck together and felt a bit firm/dry kind of like how setting lotion feels.  Did not like that. I like when my hair comes out soft and smooth.

My roots are driving me nuts!  My texlax attempt makes me feel like I really didnt have a relaxer at all.  Possibly because I used a mild relaxer and tried to keep the relaxer in as briefly as possible.  Instead of "underprocessing" I feel like there was no processing.  With that being said, I'm planning to do a touch up next Friday, Dec. 7.  That will be 5 weeks since my "texlaxl".  This time I will leave it in the full lenght of time(since it is mild anyway) and I also plan to use my comb to smooth the hair instead of just my fingers.  Knowing how I am, relaxer stretching is going to be the MOST difficult part of this journey.  Have been trying to straighten my roots by blow drying using the tension method that I've read about.  i try to avoid direct heat as much as possible.

Anyway, the texlaxing idea might be going out the door....or maybe I just didnt get it right this time.  My goal is mainly not to break all the protein bonds in my hair so that it retains some strength, but I still want straight hair and I still want to be able to wrap it with no problem.  I love taking down an soft, smooth, fresh air dried wrap. Sigh....I'll get it back.

Oh! I'm trying to keep my regimen more simple as well.  Trying not to do too too much.  I'm wondering if this is why I haven't been happy lately with my wash day results.  I keep having to follow up with something to correct whatever I've done.  But this is a journey, and I'm still learning and will continue to make mistakes.  Trying to learn to "listen" to my hair and it's needs.  No pics today!  Until next week! :]

Andrea :)

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