Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wash Day

So trying to keep up with the wash day posts.  Still in the middle of it, sitting under the hair dryer as we speak. Two posts in one day! Crazy! lol

Alright so I started off by prepooing with Jojoba and Coconut Oil for maybe an hour or so.  I tried to use the hot "towel" my (t-shirt) method to get some steam action going, but it got cool pretty fast so I just had a wet shirt on my head on top of the fact that I looked really silly.  I took a pic, but don't think I'll be posting it.   I finally just usd my conditioning cap I purchased and wore it for a while.


I started off shampooing with this new shampoo I got from a friend.  It's called Splassh Daily Shampoo by Brocato.  It is a sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfates, if I'm correct, usually strip the moisutre from your hair.  Some stay away from these and others use them anyway.  I dont mind mixing it up, as long as I replace the lost moisture.  After shampooing, I followed up with Roux Porosity control for about 30 secs to close the cuticles of my hair for my black tea rinse.  The rinse came next and I let it sit a couple minutes.  I'm wondering if I should have used colder tea because the  warm tea probably opened my pores back up.  I just mainly want it on my scalp to reduce shedding.  After that I used Ion Smooth Solutions Smoothing Conditioner with Keratin to smooth my hair because it felt hard after the tea rinse.  Finally I deep conditioned with Optimum Care Salon Collection Deep Conditioning Masque under my hair dryer for 20 minutes.  I didnt feel like getting out my steamer this wash.  Oh and I was so excited about finally finding a use for the small jars I purchased at Sally's.  I don't usually use all of the contents of conditioning packets so I can squeeze the rest into my cute little jar for future use. :)
I had no idea how I was going to use them, but they were on sale. Can never pass up a sale I guess! LOL


After rinsing my deep conditioner I applied my leave-in's.  I used Darcy's Botanical Leave In Conditioner and this time to seal I used Paul Mithcell Supper Skinny Serum.  I wrapped my hair (to the left this time).  I alwasy do the right side so I need to switch it up so there's not more stress on one side.  Used two mesh wraps to secure my hair and my satin scarf, but this time instead of air drying I sat under the dryer for maybe an hour and a half.  I gotta start timing this stuff.  After dry I followed up with my Ionic Blow dryer on cool temp.  I here that using cool air on your hair helps close the cuticles giving a smooth look and shine.   I am SUPER DUPER happy with this wash.  Just a few short strands of hair came out into the sink when I combed out my wrap.  Some breakage is just unavoidable I guess, but still bugs me. I want ALL my hair! Check out my pics. So many good ones I couldn't make up my mind. :)

Smooth Shiny Hair = Happy Girl 
changed from my black tank so I could check for weak spots or damage in back

So far so good! :)



Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. :)

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